The Beast from the East. Pt 1

No more than 5 minutes after waking up I was out the door – my coat buttoned up over my pyjamas, boots on and camera in hand!

It’s finally arrived – the freezing weather I’ve been hearing about for weeks on end, the cold weather I was warned about and what the Brits are calling “The beast from the East” – blowing in from Serbia! The Brits obsession with the weather is nothing new, and when it stops up the trains and makes your nose turn red from the cold, well then it’s basically 7th heaven for news and broadcasters, raving about the slight drops in temperature and the flutterings of snow that have stretched across the country. The Russians are probably laughing at the antics, they get this and worse yearly! As havoc reins – with schools closed, transport delays and the M25 being more blocked up than usual – I can’t help but feel like I received some sort of magical early birthday present. I can’t say that there’s much that beats waking up just before sunrise to a sheet of white across everything in sight – a beautiful snowy wonderland.

So as many continue to complain, and empty shops for supplies, I cannot help but thank the Beast from the East for popping over to the UK and blessing us all with it’s presence. I’m possibly the happiest human in the whole of London. A bright-eyed South African crunching in the snow!

E x

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