London Fashion Week Festival

I am by no means a fashionista. My knowledge of fashion is probably quite pathetic and I definitely wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation on the topic. But when you’re in London and the Fashion Week Festival is on the go, you don’t just miss it… so that’s exactly what happened – on Friday afternoon Ashleigh, Tharene and I found ourselves immersed in the latest fashion trends and fabrics. It was a sensory overload of colour, patterns, people, music and textures. I found myself constantly snapping pictures of the different fabrics and touching their different textures. It was a playground for fashionistas everywhere – who descended in their masses!

I have to admit that the people watching was one of my favourite parts of the afternoon – seeing how people interpret their own personal styles and interact with each other and the clothes that surrounded them. It was such fun to be an observer, on the outside, taking a peak into another world.

As a designer, it’s so interesting to see different art forms, and fashion is definitely one of those. It’s not an art that I’m familiar with but one which I can truly appreciate and admire, I take my hat off to the amazing artists/designers that had their works on display at the London Fashion Week Festival. There is something truly magical and noteworthy about designing pieces that can make someone feel different, to wear a piece of clothing and feel transformed, renewed and beautiful.

I also apologise upfront for a little chunk of my photos being of ice cream – it’s kind of an art in itself though…right?

Well enough about my experience. Take a look for yourself.

E xx

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