Sunny days are for exploring

Ah England, the home of rain, wellington boots and brollies. Where sunshine is celebrated when it decides to infrequently show it’s face.

I must be getting into the swing of things around here, as according to the Telegraph, talking about the weather is apparently a top British trait – along with enjoying a good cup of tea, an obsession with the royal family and being great at queuing!!

Anyways, when the weather is finally pretty good, it means you HAVE to make use of the dry, sunnier patch and do something a little more adventurous than movies and drinking tea! So we did just that and drove up to Windsor for the day, home of the glorious Windsor Castle (surprise) along with loads of cute shops, beautiful old architecture and more tea and fudge shops than you can shake a stick at.

We had the most wonderful day exploring the castle and it’s exquisite interiors, architecture and rich history – learning that drawing rooms have nothing to do with drawing at all, but are instead ‘withdrawing’ rooms to which one withdrew to after a meal in the dining room and that Queen Mary’s Doll’s house puts most ordinary houses to shame.

After wondering in, out and around the castle we headed back into the narrow streets to have a spot of lunch – which ended up being a terrific Thai buffet. Man was it good! I had a generous helping of Thai green curry which warmed me up from the inside out, especially good for a cold day! After almost rolling out of the restaurant we went for a lovely walk to and along the river, before heading home (when we could no longer feel our fingers) – there may have been sun, but the winter weather is definitely not warm.

All in all it was a wonderful day of exploring. There are so many wonders to find here in England, I can’t wait to find more during my stay.

Check out some snaps of the adventuring below.

E x


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