and then the mist rose…

The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.” – Psalm 33:5


I had the most amazing experience of being able to get away from the real world for the past week. I felt like I had stepped into another world from the moment we arrived. Injisuthi, situated in Giant’s Castle Nature Reserve in the Drakensberg Mountains is truly a piece of heaven on earth.

There are few spaces in our daily, rushed lives that allow for us to be able to be truly quiet. I think that it should really become a necessity to stop for awhile and reconnect with whatever it is that resets your body and mind. For me, nature does just that. In this case it may have taken a 5 hour drive, but upon reaching the beautiful stillness that is Injisuthi, the drive was well worth it. I have never experienced such a magical place.

Not only were we able to go on beautiful hikes where we crossed through rivers, yellow tree forests and over mountain tops, but God decided to seriously treat us, throwing some snow into the mix. When ever have you seen snow mid-November? There are few things as magical as sitting on a big rock, surrounded by green rolling mountains and the sound of a river gushing below you as you watch the mist lifting to reveal snowy peaks just a few kilometres away.

It’s back to the rat race again, but at least I got a few snaps of the beautiful trip.


E x


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