Little Miracles

2017 has been filled with many new surprises and excitements – a much needed blessing after a tough 2016. One such blessing, has been the arrival of the family’s newest little addition, Mackenzie Liesel. Mackenzie has not even been in our lives for a month, and she has already brought so much light and love into everyone’s lives. Its hard not to fall in love with her when she falls asleep in your arms, her little head resting on your arm.

Mackenzie is the first new born baby I have ever held and it’s a feeling hard to describe. To be able to stare down at her perfect little features and hold her tiny frame in my arms made me well up with a myriad of emotions. I find it hard to wrap my head around it at times – one moment the little curled up baby was cosy inside my cousin and the next she was all wrapped up and asleep in her arms. It’s truly a miracle.

So here we have a few photos of our newest family member, who’s stolen the hearts of pretty much everyone who meets her.

-e x


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