BushVeld Mission

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Our lives are always such a rush, the pace ever increasing, so much so that we rarely stop to reassess the things that matter the most. We forget about others, totally immersed in our own little world of deadlines and to do lists. I was lucky enough to have a whole day where I could forget about the rat race and give of my time to a cause that mattered.

It’s been a long time since I left a place feeling utterly exhausted and totally fulfilled all at once. But this is exactly how I felt after leaving Bushveld Mission with Hope House Church yesterday. Bushveld Mission are a Mission organization that take care of approximately 60 abused, neglected and orphaned children, providing them with a home, food, clothes, education, shelter and lots of love. The small buildings that house these wonderful children doesn’t do the atmosphere of the Mission any justice. The love that emanates from the place is HUGE, and not only from those who have dedicated so much of themselves to caring for the children in the Mission, but also from the children themselves and the love they show toward each other and even towards us, people that they barely knew. We spent the day serving at the Mission – ranging from building new shelves to teaching maths, we used all of our talents to give to those who needed it most. Whether it was getting covered in saw dust and paint or jumping up and down with the kids as they learnt English through fun games, we each got the opportunity to enrich the children’s life in some way. It was such an enriching day.

In light of this, I want to challenge everyone (including myself) to try and do something for someone else in the upcoming week, no matter how small! Give a sandwich to the homeless man begging at the traffic light, spend time with someone who really needs it, pray for someone struggling, give someone a hug! No matter how small, you may have an amazing and positive impact in someone’s life.

oh yes, and in true Emma style, I snapped away throughout the day at the Mission, collecting memories of the small impact we made. So here they are, enjoy!

-E x

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