It’s the little things…

A few weekends ago I adventured to Northcliff Hill and snapped a couple shots up on the ridge, that is in fact the second highest point in Johannesburg.  At 1807 metres, staring out over Johannesberg, you can’t help but feel really, really small and simultaneously be totally awestruck by the view that surrounds you.

I’ve recently come to realise with more and more regularity that you need to appreciate every little moment – it’s so often the little things that become life long memories. My trip to Northcliff hill may not seem like a life changing experience, but it’s become a little memory of winding roads, beautiful views and spending time with people I hold dear. So I pose a challenge, one I plan to embark on myself, to think of one little thing you’re grateful for on a daily basis. Seems simple enough right? SO JUST DO IT (Shia LaBeouf voice).

Life is short. Make moments memories.

-E x


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