A rising generation. pt 7

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

It is no myth that music has a profound impact on human beings, scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. Sound impacts our bodies in a way no other art does. The scientific bits aside, the music scene in South Africa is a continually expanding industry – as was highlighted in part 2 of this series – and as the youth we should promote this growth. Secondly, but just as importantly, I want to highlight the value of following what you truly believe in and are passionate about, because when you are all consumed in something you love, beautiful things are bound to blossom. This is true of Sebastian, a music enthusiast who makes it his mission to challenge the phenomenon of time by studying full time and attending a copious amounts of music related events simultaneously. He is constantly in the know regarding the music scene, even if it means that sleep takes a back seat.

Here’s a little bit more about Sebastian…

“Consider these ingredients: A vibration – an oscillation about an equilibrium point. Air – a medium through which the vibration may propagate. And finally, a person with a working set of ears and a brain to interpret these vibrations. Put them all together and you have sound. Add some heart and soul and you’ve either got yourself some hip-displacing or tears-evoking music – or anything inbetween.

My name is Sebastian Ammon. I am a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student with an undying passion for sound and music. As a music blogger I am able to live out this passion by discovering, meeting and chatting to phenomenal local artists, producers and sound engineers. I believe that it is my purpose to share this passion with anyone interested in listening, and by doing so help grow the South African music industry.

They say that “where words fail, music speaks”. Our industry is filled with many talented, yet underrated people. If you just took the time to listen, imagine how much is being said.”

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” – Bono

Find out more about the South African (and International) music scene by simply clicking here to go to Sebastian’s blog, but don’t stop there, he also writes for Love SA Music which you should definitely check out!

And with that the series draws to a close…BUT this does not signal the end, these youths continue to make a difference  – inspiring, educating and and raising awareness of what young South Africans are able to achieve. There may be a lot of negativity that plagues our country as of recent, but there are sparks of hope that can start a wildfire of change for the better – as can been seen in this small group of youths alone. Make sure you keep an eye and an ear out because before too long, these young people will be making even bigger waves in their respective fields.

Be sure to check back on Monday when I feature a few of my favourite snaps from the fun-filled youth day shoot!

Happy weekend till then.

-E x

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