A rising generation. pt 5

“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.”

=Edgar Allan PoeIMG_3705.jpg

Let the youth speak. Hear their cries, their laughter their praise. Poetry is not simply words thrust together to make rhyming couplets, it’s not only a couple words that sound pretty-poetry is a lot deeper than all this. Poetry tells a story. Poetry Unites. It is a personal expression of one’s imagination, spurred on by the cry of a nation, the beauty of nature or even a lover’s tale…all eloquently put, allowing these whispered thoughts to come alive amongst the lines of poetry.Poetry makes the distorted, beautiful. An art form where syllables and vowels act as paintbrushes and metaphors the paint, creating a masterpiece of words which not only roll easily off the tongue, but stir one’s soul. Poetry, as renowned poet Percy Bysshe Shelley rightly put it, is the root and blossom of all systems of thought.

So here we have a little more about Puno herself, a lady who carefully moulds letters together creating with them a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion…

“Puno Selesho is a 21 year old BA Law graduate from the University of Pretoria and is currently completing her LLB. As a spoken word artist she has performed on various platforms including TEDx Pretoria, where she was a speaker in 2014 and an MC in 2015, as well as the Standard Bank Women in Innovation event where she shared the stage with the renowned Lebo Mashile. Puno has a heart for uplifting the youth and impacting communities in a positive way. With social development as her main aim, she has started various social entrepreneurial ventures including The Cherry Blossom Project which provides Matric Dance dresses for underprivileged girls. Also, she hosts a monthly discussion forum,The Park Exchange, aimed at equipping ordinary South Africans for self and social development.

Her words are her gift to the world and she hopes to share her own African narrative in a way that will inspire, uplift and ignite a spark in people.”

Simply click here to find out more about Puno’s discussion forum, The Park Exchange, and be sure the listen to her spoken word poetry on Youtube.

Listen to Puno’s “I am an African” spoken word poetry here:


-E x


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