A rising generation. pt 2

“Ain’t no power like the power of youth ‘cos the power of youth don’t stop!”


Good morning South Africa, it’s time for our next extraordinary youth to be featured.

As you may have gathered from my previous post, I’m focusing on highlighting the youth in South Africa this week, and their instrumental role they play in our generation and in our country, along with their determination and drive to grow and better themselves. The voices of the youth are powerful and like in 1976 are able to make ground breaking changes. Youth Voice is described as the active, distinct, and concentrated ways young people represent themselves throughout society, something that resonates strongly with our next featured young South African. The South African music scene is flourishing and what better way to show this through one of our very own up and coming artists, Una Rams. Here’s a little more about this aspiring artist..

“Una Rams is a young,independent producer/singer/rapper or if you may, a sonic artist. Una was born into a Christian family and his parents established a church in the early years of his life, allowing him to take on learning the drums and the piano, which lay a foundation for his production abilities. His sound could be described as a hybrid of various genres beautifully blended together, and his lyrics & delivery are set out to stir up your emotions. He wants to be an inspiration to kids his age who aspire to fulfill more than what classroom education offers without forgetting its value. He wants to be heard, but his desire for your ear and attention is fueled by the passion he has to be the voice of the many young people who still believe that dreams come true.”

Want to hear some of his latest tracks? Find him on soundcloud HERE or listen to his song “Nobody” below.


Remember to check back tomorrow for my next feature!

– E x

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