Say yes to new adventures.

When we were told that we’d be making our way to the CBD using only public transport, I could barley contain my excitement at the new and exciting adventures and experiences that I knew were waiting ahead of me. As part of one of our design assignments, we are currently in the process of researching  and gathering field notes in a community engagement project. Anyone who lives in the suburbs of Pretoria would know that this is not an everyday venture, as the majority of people in the circles we engage with don’t reside in the CBD or even take trips there…when actually you really should! We found the preconceived ideas regarding safety, the people and the environment to be mostly misconceptions.

The entire experience of walking through the CBD, engaging with people of all walks of life and photographing the environment was incredibly heart warming and eye opening simultaneously.

My new mantra? Say YES to new adventures…ALWAYS!

-E x

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